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Its good to talk

Portico will not be beaten on price !!!  on a like for like  product . 

My Advice to potential customers  if your seeking a new kitchen , bathroom , bedroom ................

No two quotes will ever be the same ,from one competitor to another . Each showroom will have their own little tweaks and  have different versions of your potential layout and will contain items constructed from different  materials , some better than others . I can guarantee the the shopping list will never be the same , hence the price variance .

Visit a couple of showrooms , and get some ideas from each one , have a chat with the designers and the management  team , then commit to one showroom and the designer that you can start a rapport with , I guarantee that you will get a better service, and a better deal when you commit to one showroom ,rather than playing one off the other ,  you will save yourself valuable time  and money in the end .............. i promise !!!!!!! 

Be Honest and straight with your designer . There's no point in designing a Thirty thousand pound kitchen when your budget is only five thousand pounds .


PLEASE .......... tell your designer what your budget is !  Its important 

Before you buy your kitchen , Bathroom or Bedroom PLEASE , PLEASE talk to us , 

We want to provide our clients , the best product for a fair price that will fall within your budget .

I don't want to be the cheapest , cheap is cheap ,  and its cheap for a reason  that's not my goal in business.

At  Portico Kitchens , we strive to provide the best possible service , and during the very busy workload periods ,our service could potentially be delayed , and i please ask for your patience during these times . 

We are busy for a reason .................which can only be a good thing .

I'm not saying that we are perfect by a long shot , but ............. we try our  very best to accommodate  everyone's requirements  and demands professionally . 

Speak soon 

Dyfed Owen 

Company Director and Owner 

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